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Big or not, Penile Size should matter

The flaccid penis varies from one person to another. The average erect size of the penis is between four to six inches, while the circumference is between four to six inches as well. Even if you believe that your penile size is small, it is likely that you have a normal penile size. So a guy who appears well hung will not have a big penis in the erect condition, while a small guy can grow a longer penis.

Secondly, you may suffer from penile dysmorphic disorder even though you insist that it is small, though the ruler indicates otherwise. Such a disorder is similar to the perceptual distortion of the anorexics who believe that they are obese no matter how thin they have become. Such a feeling has been told by those who have undergone penis enlargement surgery. These people have been reported to be least satisfied with the results as well.

According to Karen Elizabeth Boyle (An Assistant professor of Urology and director at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, if males have a normal penis but firmly believe that it is small, they need not visit a surgeon but should consult a psychiatrist.

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  • You should note that the penile enhancement is possible for you. But to achieve it you need to follow the enclosed instructions with the products properly and remain patient. The penile enlargement will not happen overnight, but eventually you will have permanent gains in terms of the penile girth and the length.

  • Whatever the penile size it will only affect you. If you are glad with the current size, you need to for enlargement. But if the penile size is to be changed to make you fit with others or you plan to impress others, than its better to evaluate your life.

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