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We have reviewed the best penis enlargement patches for enhancing penis size. 

It is easy to use the transdermal patch as it can be worn discreetly under the clothes over the skin. The patch makes sure the herbal ingredients for penile enhancement get delivered into the skin on a regulated, constant and prolonged rate.

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Feature Comparison Of Top 5 Penis Enhancement Patches

Current Ratings

Rank #1

Rank #2 Rank #3 Rank #4 Rank #5
Exercises ProEnhance System Vimax Patch Enhance
Length Gain 2 - 3 2 - 3 1 - 3 1 - 3 1 - 3
Girth Gain Up to 3" Up to 3" Up to 3" Up to 3" Up to 3"
Reputation Outstanding Excellent Average Average Average
Services Outstanding Excellent Average Poor Poor
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#1 Penis Enlargement Patch: ProEnhance System

ProEnhance Patch
Short product review and detail of any bonuses: ProEnhance is one of the most popular patches used by many men.

This patch is made from the highest quality herbs backed by the Certificate of Analysis. These are guaranteed to increase the size of the penis is a matter of weeks. In addition to this,

ProEnhance also comes with an exercise program known as Erection System. It is an online exercise program that can be used in combination with these patches. ProEnhance customers are completely satisfied with this product.

The ProEnhance patch is a 100% natural and effective solution for penis enlargement and increased sexual pleasure. This doctor approved, herbal formulation will dramatically increase your penis length and thickness. The powerful combination of herbal ingredients such as Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Gotu Kola, and Saw Palmetto will also your increase penis girth or thickness. This will ensure your partner enjoys fuller and deeper penetrations, leading to increased sensitivity and stronger orgasms for both of you.

The ProEnhance is a discrete patch that is worn around the lower abdomen area. It is water proof and can be worn in the shower or gym, giving you sustained infusions for 72 hours. Say goodbye to cumbersome pills, prescriptions and doctor visits. This is your 100% natural, safe and effective way to supercharge your sexual prowess and increase semen load. The ProEnhance patch will also increase sperm count, stamina, and sexual appetite for explosive ejaculations. The ProEnhance comes with a 67 day money back guarantee, with a limited period of free shipping and gifts.

By far, this is the best penis enhancement patches available today. If you are hoping to increase your penis size safely, comfortably and effectively, ProEnhance System is your best option. We have received very good comments from users of ProEnhance system (better results). Guys have reported impressive gains in penis length and girth between 2 to 3 inches permanently. Customer support is outstanding. Clearly, the ProEnhance System is a highly recommended penis enlargement product for you if you are willing to invest some time in using it properly.

Our Final Verdict: We strongly recommend ProEnhance System as it is an outstanding product worth buying. Go for it. You have nothing to lose only to gain. Click here to visit the ProEnhance website.

#2 Penis Enlargement Patch: Vimax Patch

Vimax Patch
Short product review and detail of any bonuses: MaxiDerm is a simple product by nature. This product is ideal for customers who want to increase their penis. Results can be seen in a matter of weeks. Many doctors endorse this patch.

This is a patch for men looking to increase their penis size by up to 3 inches and width by 25% in a safe and natural way. Rather than undergo painful surgical procedures, uncomfortable pumps or weights, Vimax patch gives you access to 100% herbal extracts that are loaded with powerful ingredients to recharge your sexual performance.

Using the Vimax patch is an effective way to increase sperm count and ejaculation volume. The herbal ingredients like Fo Ti, which restores youthfulness, and Damiana, a strong aphrodisiac, will promote a fuller and thicker penis, enlarging it for greater penetration and vaginal fit. Saw Palmetto also rejuvenates the reproductive system, including the prostate gland, which will increase semen load.

The Vimax Patch gives sustained results over a 3 day period, making it convenient for regular use. Its recommendations include being safe, effective and an economic option. There are only effective in increasing the size of the penis. Vimax Patch comes with added bonuses. Vimax Patch level of support is excellent and customers are highly impressed and satisfied with the results. Guys have reported impressive gains in penis length and girth between 2 to 3 inches permanently. It also comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days.

Our Final Verdict: Another very good product worth buying. An excellent product that guarantees results. Click here to go to Vimax Patch website.

#3 Penis Enlargement Patch: EnhanceRx Patch

Enhance Rx Patch
Short product review and detail of any bonuses: EnhanceRx Patch is 100% doctor certified. The patch is made from herbal ingredients that assist in increasing the penis length permanently. It helps in enhancing the length and girth of the penis permanently.

It uses advanced technology to feed the formula directly into the blood stream. EnhanceRx is a solution for small and soft erections, in a convenient, 6 month guaranteed product. This patch can be conveniently worn under clothing for discrete use and privacy. The EnhanceRx uses effective methods of penile enhancement, which are safe and convenient for the modern lifestyle. The herbal supplements contained in this patch boost sexual drive and energy, resulting in increased stamina and prolonged performance.

A few weeks of use will see the penis grow in length, with greater thickness when erect or flaccid. The erections will be harder and longer lasting, leading to more pleasure during sex. The herbal ingredients also increase semen load and sperm count for stronger and more powerful ejaculations. EnhanceRx Patch level of support is excellent and customers are satisfied with the results. Guys have reported impressive gains in penis length and girth between 1 to 3 inches permanently. EnhanceRx Patch comes with additional bonus with every order made. All this is back with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Our Final Verdict: All in all a good product worth the price. Click here to go to EnhanceRx Patch website

#4 Penis Enlargement Patch: ZyGain Patch

ZyGain PatchShort product review and detail of any bonuses: The ZyGain patch is a formulation that combines the best of Chinese traditional medicine and modern science to deliver a 100% natural boost for sexual performance. The patch is discreet and comfortable, containing proven ingredients that treat various sexual problems such as impotence and low testosterone levels. These natural extracts create full engorgement of the penis, increasing length and girth.

The patch gives long lasting effects, with only one patch worn every 3 days. Unlike pills, which do not give sustained performance for more than a few hours, the ZyGain patch releases ingredients directly through the skin over a 3 day period. ZyGain Patch promotes a larger, healthier and thicker penis, which will boost your confidence and performance. Your semen load and sperm count will increase, providing stronger and bigger ejaculations. This patch works over a period of 3 to 4 weeks and comes with a money back product guarantee. 

People looking for solving other sexual issues might consider other products. Customer support is not so good and customers are fairly satisfied with the product. No additional bonus with the product.

Our Final Verdict: A good alternative for people who want to only increase the size of their penis. Click here to visit the ZyGain Patch website.

#5 Penis Enlargement Patch: AchieveRx Patch

Achieverx PatchShort product review and detail of any bonuses: AchieveRx Patch is patch that promised to increase the size of the penis while also offering cure from various sexual issues like erectile dysfunction etc. AchieveRx Patch does not come with any additional bonuses.

This is a concentrated herbal formulation that comes in a convenient dermal patch, which delivers the infusion straight into the blood stream. This makes it unnecessary for the infusion to travel through the digestive system, resulting in faster and more efficient action.
AchieveRx Patch is a formula that increases the size, hardness and frequency of erections. Your penis will become larger and thicker, for greater sexual arousal and satisfaction. Men globally have used AchieveRx to increase semen load for more ejaculations. This patch will additionally increase sperm count.

AchieveRx Patch is a combination of Chinese medicinal principles with modern technology, delivering a product that gives desired results after about 9 weeks of use. The selected ingredients have proven results, and improve your wellbeing and health. They do not have any side effects and are completely natural. This patch is delivered in discreet packaging for your privacy, and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Customer support is not so good and customers are fairly satisfied with the product.

Our Final Verdict: So, So. Click here to visit AchieveRx Patch  website.

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