A Trick To Make Her Admit She Prefers A Bigger Penis Than Yours

Do you constantly wonder if your partner sincerely loves your penis size? This is a question that the majority of men constantly ask themselves. Unfortunately, they never seem to find the right answer – particularly because they can't even ask the woman in their lives. Don't worry; at least you aren't alone in this. Having read the previous chapters, you must already have known where you fall in terms of penis size and quality. It is still crucial to find out what she feels about it and if she would like it better if it was bigger.

For so many years, I have successfully managed to study image issues. One of the things that I have discovered is that you can never ask a person a direct question about if or not they like a particular attribute. At times, you might not like what their response will be, and they know that. In that case, they will respond in a manner that pleases you even if it isn't exactly how they feel. When it comes to issues of sex, you can never trust people based on their words alone. One has to be cautious about the manner in which you ask the question while assessing the nonverbal signs as well.

Assume a scenario where you don't consider your penis big. On the other hand, she continually points out that she appreciates your penis. Well, up to this point, that is okay. However, do you think she would love it larger than it is? Undoubtedly, she would and you are already well aware of that. Now, let's assume that your penis is small, and yet she claims it big enough for her. So you know that your partner is lying, and you might want to put her on the spot for cheating you. Before anything else, it is critical for you to be careful while handling this issue lest it stirs up such a significant problem.

Well, if you do not know how to ask the question, what I already know might be of help to you. This trick might help you understand what she feels about your penis size. Ask her the following three questions and note her responses

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  1. Suppose there is my clone (someone who has everything the same as yours) apart from the fact that he has a smaller penis compared to mine. Assume that the clone's penis is less in both length and circumference by one inch. Which one would you choose?

  2. Now, imagine this clone has a bigger penis than mine; one inch larger than mine in length and circumference. Which one would you prefer?

  3. Assume that I don't exist, and there are only these two clones and you must choose one, which one of them would you prefer?

The way she responds to the first question will determine if you can ask the next question and so on. For the first question, if your penis is not too big, she will choose you. There is a category of men whose penis is uncomfortably larger for women. The second question is tricky, and she might not answer it truthfully. Even if she ends up choosing you, it will be difficult for you to believe her. This should prompt you to ask the third question. Any normal girl will choose the larger penis. This means that no healthy woman will want a man with the small penis when everything else about them is the same. The notion that bigger is better still stands. sin her mind, she might be wishing you were bigger.

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