Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis, Stimulation From Penis Girth

Congratulations for your lengthy penis- it most certainly makes you feel like the man you are. What about your girth? A huge proportion of women prefers a thick penis compared to a lengthy one. You must already have heard this, and that explains why you are reading this in the first place.

Before anything else, what is a penis girth and why is it so important for purposes of vaginal satisfaction? Let's get to straight to it.

A string is wrapped on a fully erect penis and then measured against a ruler to measure the size of penis girth. In other words, it is the thickness or circumference of the penis of a man. According to the studies conducted by Durex Condom, on average an erect penis girth measures 5.3 inches.

Several studies surrounding the preference of penis size by women reveal that the size doesn't matter when it comes to the length. On the other hand, women appear to love men who have short, yet thick penis instead of a lengthier yet thin penis. There are various contributing reasons that are understandable and very simple- some of which you may have speculated. In general, the need for stimulation and satisfaction tells it all. These are the right words that can explain why women prefer thick penis.

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Just like the anus, the vagina also has nerves that are located close to the organ's entrance. The first one third (1/3) area of the vagina experiences the most sensation. The cell walls are usually stimulated by the penis movement during sexual intercourse. In that regard, a fuller girth has what it takes to stretch the cell walls. Ultimately, the woman gets more sexual sensation. On the other hand, it is quite unfortunate that even the lengthiest but thin penis only touches the cell walls just a bit.

In any case, the G-spot can be reached through penetration of a penis size of 3 to 4 inches. The clitoris also needs to be rubbed adequately, and a thick penis comes extremely in handy. The focal point for the sexual pleasure of women is the clitoris. A thin penis is highly unlikely to rub the clitoris at the time of penetration. On the other hand, with just a slight adjustment of the penis angle, a fuller girth can stimulate the clitoris during penetration.

Contrary to common belief, a thicker penis contributes significantly to a clitoral orgasm. How does this happen? At the time of penetration, the vagina tightness results in more pulling of the inner lips. Labia Minora (the inner lips of the vagina) are connected to the hood of the clitoris. This means that when they move, the clitoral hood slides over the clitoris.

The amount of sexual sensation experienced by women during penetration differs considerably when a thin and thick penis are involved. Further, the sensual resulting from an average sized penis girth isn't the same as the one from a large one.

If you are concerned about being able to satisfy your woman sexually, and you are in the category of men with a thin penis, include other tactics apart from pure penetration. There is always a way to compensate for what you lack when it comes to bedroom matters.

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