The Significant Difference Between Ineffective And Effective Flirting

Ok, you might yourself realize this difference after going through these three different instances, when a man is trying to flirt with a woman, and she interprets his acts.

The Man Praises Her Beauty A Lot

He goes on praising about her eyes, lips, and more. It's commonly thought that women get flattered, when she is appreciated a lot about her looks. Yes, that can be true to a little extent, but only for those girls who haven't been complicated much in lives.

For the rest, in-fact for most of the girls, the very obvious interference would be that the man is merely fascinated to her physically. He doesn't know anything about her, but even then he is frustrated to be with her, anyhow. She can easily read the thoughts, within no time. Now, that obviously isn't a good signal. She is repelled, and most probably she won't like to waste her time with him anymore.

Man Suddenly Behaves Playful or Funny With Her

It can be any kind of act like giving her a sheer cat-like look, just to make her awkwardly smile or get confused. It can also be like poking your tongue out to her.

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Anyways, for any woman such an unexpected reaction from a man means he is funny, mysterious, hard to get, and of course confident. Unlike other guys, he is not just acting desperate and sucking up to her. Besides, it also confuses the woman about whether he is interested in her or not.

Women usually can't help such curiosity and confusion. Hence, chances are high that she would follow the man, try to get close to him, and to know what's actually running in his mind. You might have realized how without taking the trouble of praising her or impressing her, she is already fascinated and interested in the guy?

The Man Concerns Her about Her Looks

He said something like her footwear wasn't actually going well with her dress and her legs. All of a sudden such a confident statement (that bothers her too) from a guy can give her the impressions that he is independent and truthful.

Women like such men, who reveal true opinion about themselves. Again, it wasn't that offensive, but wasn't pleasing either. Hence, the baseline is you simply need to be challenging and hard to reach for her, and she would desire you more and more.

It's quite a human-thing that people want more and more out of their lives, and they desire things that they can't have. Alike is the case with women too. They have been flattered by men all through their lives, and getting any man isn't challenging for them anymore. She can have any of those. She takes it for granted. However, the scenario changes when a man himself seems challenging to her.

Hence, by being a little mysterious, confident, and most importantly challenging to those women, you can win them in no time. Let them follow you, be curious for you, and fall for you, by being a little challenging to them.

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