She Might Be Willing To Be Approached By You

At times, you may find a really alluring girl nearby, and you make a brief eye-contact with her. Numerous thoughts run on your mind, and you simply wish to approach her. Suddenly, she gives a second look again. Now, that not only makes you happier deep inside, but you are also left with confusion as whether it's just a random eye contact or is she signaling you to make the approach.

While you have been quite confused, a bit joyous, and with continuous compulsion to introduce yourself, all of a sudden the girl moves, and takes her way to somewhere else. What was that, whether it was just your wrong perception, or have you just actually missed a great opportunity? You come back home feeling quite lost, and regretful. Now, the question is, would you miss such an opportunity again, or whether you would just proceed only to know that you misinterpreted it?

Hence, to get rid of this confusion, and not to miss any ‘real' opportunity the next time, you need to know the ‘signals' girls usually use when they are willing to be approached.

She Might Be Standing In Your Vicinity For Long

She is with her own group of friends. Yet, for quite some time she has been standing close to you, and her subconscious or purposeful actions seem to be very open. Say for an example, she has been within a radius of 10 foot for more than 4 to 5 minutes. Well, to a great extent, it can mean that she has just processed herself to your surrounding and awaiting your approach.

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Even better, she has been walking by you for more than once or twice, it's just a sure signal from her side. Besides, she might not signal it that way. Another way they do it is by facing towards you no matter wherever they are standing. Hence, the next time you find a girl with her group of friends, facing you for quite some time, you may take it as an open invitation as come and approach.

Brief But Repetitive Eye Contact

It has always been one of the most common and assured ways that a girl signals men. After all, eyes can express much more than mere words, and so they use this method to convey you the brief message.

Of course, you might have at times found some girl making short but repetitive eye contact with you. Now, that means the girl recognized you somewhere in her surroundings. Needless to mention, a girl would never find it awkward then to be approached.

Understating The Need That You Need To Make The Approach

Being a guy, it's quite understood that you would need to take the initiative. No matter how handsome or attractive you are, girl would rarely take such an initiative. Besides, even if you notice such signal form the girl next to you, but she doesn't mean it, there is no harm in introducing yourself confidently and humbly to a sweet girl whom you like.

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