Seems You Want His Or Her Contact Number

All of a sudden you see someone who sparks your interest. You want their phone number anyhow, to retain your chances of meeting him/her again, and to try your efforts to start dating him/her.

Wrong Move – You just approach, use a cheesy pickup line, and ask for their contact number. Or, you start flattering them telling that they are really cute, and just request for their number.

As a matter of fact, you would simply end with a “NO” or an embarrassing reply from them. Ok, even in case you are quite fortunate, and he/she has a low self-esteem, you might get the number, but not their respect. Hence, it's always advisable to have a small conversation, before asking anyone for their contact information.

Most of the times, people find it quite awkward to ask for other person's number in their very first meet. Besides, even if they are confident enough, they lack an idea on how to actually ask for it. It's ok, you aren't alone, and most people have this concern. However, with few effective ideas you may not find it that difficult the next time.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

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It has always been, and will always be. An honest and simple approach to get their number is not only effective, but it also leaves a good impression in the other person's eye. Hence, there is nothing wrong in telling that you had a great time with them, you are glad for that, and so you would of course like to meet them again.

You haven't simply expressed what was there on your mind, but you also expressed it honestly. Of course, you are not begging for it. Hence, it's highly possible that he/she would give the number with a nice smile on the face.

Offer Your Own Number

This is another usual technique used by most of the people. Indeed, it works too in most of the cases. Hence, after you had a conversation with them, and it's time to say good-bye, you may simply hand over your number saying that you would wish to be in contact.

It's quite obvious that the person you were interacting with would offer their own number too in return. You aren't required to even ask for that. Another benefit of this approach is that you would come to know whether the other person is also interested in you or not. If he/she isn't, they might come up with an excuse. Now, it depends on you whether you would prefer to let it go, or try once again.

Social Networking Can Always Be A Great Help

Although, it's not that impressive to get their number, yet nobody minds a friend request from a person they met somewhere. Once you both are in each other's friend-list, while chatting or through a mail you may always ask for his/her number. Not only, you avoid the trouble of facing them, but also you can have conversation for quite some-time to enhance your chances of getting it.

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