If You Don't Want To Be In Her Friend Zone Anymore

They say that friendship can be the very first and the most effective step to get a girl. Quite true, but remaining in the friend zone for too long can be unsafe. You might just become a non sexual entity for her, whom she would never look at a ‘different' way.

Being in her friend zone, with a liking for her, can only let you witness her dating someone else in the future. Needless to mention, it can be one of the most painful and regretful things that can happen to a guy. Hence, it's always advisable to free yourself from her friend zone, from the tag of “just a friend”, and to play a different role in her life. Well, that is really not difficult if you are aware of a few effective ideas to make it possible.

You Needn't Be Too Available For Her

No matter, whenever she wants you to be there, you make yourself available for her in no time. Be it any time of the day, she would call you, and not only expect, but is sure that you will be there. Any problem, any concern she has, she would look for your shoulders to cry on, and would expect therapies from you. Besides, you are in fact quite happy that way, and feel that nobody but you are only close to her. You think it's good that she runs to you for any issue she has, and expects you to resolve it.

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Now, that absolutely, is not something going to be of your help. Forget about the stories of the movies and television series, where the girls at the last point of time, realizes the good-guy's true love, and go to him. That's in no way the case in real life. Hence, you need to be less available for her, and busier in your own life. Finally, she will come chasing you, and then it's time to re-engage but with a different approach.

It's Ok To Lose Her Friendship

Anyway that isn't doing any good to you right now. Is that? Yes, it's true that you both like the friendship and the bond you share. However, for you, these are just the passing days, where your liking and love for her is increasing more and more.

As far as she is concerned, she is enjoying your company, your support, and taking you for granted. This way, it will not be surprising for you, if suddenly she falls for some jerk, and end up dating him. Hence, to get her in your life as a girlfriend, you need to lose her as a friend. It's not a bad deal. As a matter of fact, two platonic guys never sleep with each other.

Let Not The Other Girls Think You Can't Be Theirs

That simply means, you always need to keep all your options open like any other single guy is advised to. This would not only create opportunities for you, but would also contribute to make her jealous.

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