Tips And Tricks On Finding The G-Spot And Rocking Her World

There are always ups and downs in relationships. It is up to us to resolve them and make the relationship work. If you are facing some problem in your relationship because you are not able to spend some quality time with each other, then how about making up for it by indulging in some hot and steamy sex. Learn how to please her by locating her G-spot.

Foreplay A Crucial Element for Sex

Sex is not complete without foreplay. Surprise her with gifts and if you have kids, ask your neighbors friends or relatives to look after them for a day. Create the perfect ambience for a romantic night. Candles and dim lighting can do the trick here.

Make sure that she is comfortable. Shower her with kisses, hugs and cuddles. Once the mood is set, begin to caress her erogenous zones. Take your time exploring her. Begin with her face, then neck, breasts, stomach and then down to her sensitive organs.

Try out new forms of oral sex and ensure that both of you participate in it. Focus more on her needs and pleasures and try to prolong your climax as much as possible.

Using Fingers for Clitoris and G-spot Stimulation

Women take time to reach orgasm. You need to know what triggers a woman's sexual response. When it comes to finding the G-spot, you need to be patient. It is quite difficult to locate the G-pot. Do not be disappointed, if you do not find it in the first attempt. Keep practicing and one find day you will definitely achieve success.

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Turn your focus to the clitoris. Turning your woman on requires a lot of hard work on your part. You need to ensure that she is all the way with you in this. Many women lose their focus when they are aroused. Either they worry too much or they are too anxious to please you that they forget to enjoy themselves in the process.

When it comes to G-spot or clitoris stimulation, you can make use of the following techniques:

  • Talk dirty. Tell her how turned on you are and what you plan to do to her with your tongue, penis or fingers
  • Insert your fingers inside her vagina and use your thumb to stroke her clitoris
  • Make slow circular movements and put a little pressure onto the clitoris

Stimulating the clitoris can also aid in G-spot orgasm. If you have located the G-spot, you can bring her to orgasm by hooking your fingers in a “come here” gesture and gently probing. You can feel her G-spot swelling and bursting for release.

Encourage Communication during Sex

Communicating with each other during sex can work wonders in your relationship. When it comes to fingering your woman, she needs to tell you whether you are doing it right or not. If she feels uncomfortable and tells you to stop, do not force her.

Ask for feedback and take it in a positive way. The next time, you can use tips suggested by her and work on them making it a more pleasurable experience for her.

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