Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your First Sexual Relationship With Your Partner

Are you in a new relationship? Finally, you both have decided to take your relationship to the next level and get know each other in an intimate way. Getting involved sexually for the first time can be awkward for both of you. If you both are virgin, then you might need to take things slowly. If you are experienced, but your partner is not, then you might need to coax him/her out of their shell.

Stop Worrying and Go With the Flow

Any first timer will always suffer from performance anxiety. Questions like “Will I be able to satisfy my partner?” or “What will my partner think of me if I climax first?” are sure to cross your mind. You first need to relax. You must be cool headed, only then will you be able to enjoy your first sexual experience together.

If you are a man, then the first time would not be so good for you. You are sure to goof up and make mistakes. Similarly, for women, the first time might be painful and not the least bit pleasant, especially if you are a virgin.

Talk it out with each other, before doing the deed. If you are a guy, it is completely natural to be nervous on how to broach the subject. You have nothing to lose, by asking her. She will either refuse or agree. If she refuses, there is always a next time and who knows by that time, you both might get comfortable with each other's company.

Plan Ahead of Time

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First times are really special, so you might need to plan in advance. Decide on a special place, which is intimate, and at the same time private. Bear in mind to practice safe sex. Purchase necessary contraceptives that would be required and be well equipped. You do not want to get into unnecessary hassles later on.

If your partner is a virgin, then you can invest on some lubricated condoms that can help to ease her pain when you penetrate her. Take things slow. There is no need to hurry things. Make your partner feel special. Plan to surprise her with gifts or sexy lingerie.

Begin by kissing her face such as her eyes, ears, nose and cheeks. Avoid kissing her lips to build the sexual tension. Slowly move down and discover her erogenous zones. Take your time to explore each other and enjoy the moment.

Sex is Not a Race for the Finish Line

When indulging in sex for the first time, you might need to keep in mind the below pointers:

  • Focus more on pleasing one another
  • Leave all your anxieties and fears behind
  • There is no winner or loser in sex
  • No one is going to make fun of you if you climax first

Last but not the least, after having some mid blowing sex, do not immediately jump out of bed or turn the other way. Gather your woman close to your heart and cuddle her. Tell your partner how wonderful they were and how this was a great experience for you.

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