Try Out These Awesome Anal Sex Positions

Are you and your partner feeling that your sex lives have become dull and monotonous? If yes, then why not try to add back the spice in your relationship? Learn to be creative and try out different sex positions and moves. This will help to drive away the monotony. If you guys feel really adventurous, then you can even give a shot at anal sex. Anal sex is much more different than your normal sex routine. It has its shares of do's and don'ts.

Women Skeptical About Anal Sex

When you broach the topic of anal sex, your partner might outright reject the idea. Bear in mind, if she is uncomfortable do not force her. There are generally two reactions, which women feel when it comes to anal sex. It is either pain or pleasure, and nothing in between. If your partner has already tried out anal sex and has had an unpleasant experience, then you might want to coax her to try it out with you and assure her that it would be a pleasurable experience for her this time.

It is always better to be prepared well in advance when it comes to anal sex. Gather as much as information about anal sex, what is right, the correct position and ways to actually make it work for both of you. Talk it out with each other and come up with ways and means, which might make it easier for both of you.

Things to Look Out For During Anal Sex

Below are some of the points that you might want to keep an eye for during anal sex:

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  • Use plenty of water based or silicon lubrications
  • Use condoms to avoid STD's and infections
  • Indulge in a lot of foreplay

Types of Anal Sex Positions that can be tried out

There are loads of sex positions that can be tried out to make the most out of your anal sex experience. You and your partner can try out the Doggie Style Head Down. Over here, your partner's upper body and head is lowered onto the bed. This makes it easier for anal penetration, as the G-spot and the prostate are closer to the surface.

The Simple Spoon Position is the most loved by many couples. You can gently enter your partner from behind while gently holding her. Here there will be shallow penetration, but gives you extra time for foreplay. The Classic Missionary Position can also be used during anal sex. The greatest advantage here is that when your partner's back is curved, her rectum is straightened, which makes penetration more comfortable.

If you go in for the Modified version, then your partner's legs can be bent or rested on your shoulders. For deeper penetration, you can even use their legs to be curved around your waist.

If both of you are beginners in trying out anal sex, you might want to try put the Girl on Top position. In this position, your woman can control the rhythm and angle of penetration. This makes her feel more in control and increases her confidence.

Another great position would be the Reverse Cowgirl position. Over here, you can hold your legs close to your body, with your knees supporting her arms as she rides you.

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