Woo Your Wife To Spend Some Quality Time With You

There is nothing as special as a successful marriage. When two different people decide to spend their whole lives together, they are sure to have their share of troubles and problems. Bickering, constant fights, love and sex are all the essential ingredients that a “successful marriage' comprises of. Initially, both of you would be thrilled with the idea of spending quality time with each other, but after having kids, your wife's priority would be her kids.

Rekindling Your Romance

There is no perfect time to have sex with your time. Whenever you think that today both of you would be able to spend some time with each other, either one of your relatives will decide to land up at your door step or some important project of your kids will require your attention.

By the end of it all, your wife would either forget or be too tired to even think about having sex with you. So what do you do about this? Solution is simple here. Try seducing her, but first ensure you tie up all the loose ends.

Plan a day where you can be assured that no one will disturb you. If you have older kids, send them away to spend a night at their friend's place. If you have toddlers, have your friends or relatives babysit them for a few hours.

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Complimenting and Surprising Your Wife

Remember initially when you were newly married, how everyday you use to compliment your wife. You use to find ways and means to spend time with her. Sneak her away for romantic drives, dinners or even a corner of the house just to speak to her. Now, all you both can speak about are bills, housework or kids.

Women love compliments. Compliment your wife on her looks. Tell her how she has maintained herself even after becoming a mother. Purchase her a nice gift. Maybe the diamond set she has been hinting to you.

If you are good at cooking, you can cook up an exotic dish that she likes or you can book a reservation for the two of you at her favourite restaurant. Make her laugh with some jokes and constantly flirt with her. Hold her hands or wink at her when you are suggesting something naughty. She is sure to get the hint.

Massaging is a Great Seduction Tool

Treat her to a sensual massage. After doing all the housework, she is bound to feel tired. The best place to give a massage would be your bathroom or bedroom.

  • Prepare the bathroom or bedroom with scented candles
  • For the bathroom massage, fill your tub with scented bath salts and warm water
  • Get her into the bath tub and slowly massage around her neck and arms from behind
  • Once she is relaxed, you can kiss and lick her erotic zones and she is sure to get turned on by your assault
  • For bedroom, make her lie down and knead her back and arms with some good massage oil

Women love it when men actually listen to them. Talk to her about how good she is at managing both office and personal life. Ask her about her day and give your suggestions and advice on issues that she has.

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