Convincing Your Partner To Make A Homemade Sex Tape

Yes, you heard right? A homemade sex tape just for your partner and you to watch and relive your sexual fantasies can be interesting. Well, here comes the tough part. Getting your partner convinced to be filmed while indulging in sex. Not all women would like the thought of making homemade sex tapes.

Reasons Why Women Will Reject the Thought

No matter how many days, months or years you have been in a relationship with your woman, you might be surprised how she might reject the idea of a sex tape outright. Some of the most common reasons why she might not like being filmed would be:

  • She is camera shy and does not like to see herself indulging in sexual activities
  • She might not trust you with the tape and might fear that it might get uploaded on the internet
  • She in not confident enough about her body and feels that she would not look good
  • She might have had some bad experiences in the past and is hesitant to try the same with you

It is common for women not to like the idea of a homemade sex tape unless she is quite bold and adventurous. You are extremely lucky, if your partner falls in this category. You do not have to waste your time coaxing her to agree.

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Building the Trust and Confidence about You

If there is no trust in a relationship, then disagreements are likely to arise. Your woman needs to trust you before she agrees to something like a homemade sex tape. You really need to build on gaining her trust.

Tell her repeatedly that there is no chance on earth that you would upload your sex tape video on the internet. This is your private moment and it will always remain between the two of you. You can ask her to record a video of you going down on her and vice versa.

See the video together and delete it in front of her. If she lacks confidence because of her looks or weight, compliment her and tell her no matter what, she would always be center of your universe. Do not try to make a video without her permission.

Tips on Making a Homemade Sex Tape

Gone are the days, where you needed the right equipment to make sex tapes. Thanks to technology, you can easily make a decent sex tape with a click of a button. Ensure that you have proper lighting. Dim the lights in your bedroom since bright and harsh lights can make your partner feel uncomfortable.

Pop open some champagne, tequilas or vodkas, so that it can help you and your partner to relax. Limit the alcohol. You do not want to get drunk and pass out in your own sex video. Secondly, limit your conversation with each other. Your focus should be on action rather than talk.

If your partner is still nervous and has second thoughts about filming the sexual activities, then you can leave out the face in the videos. In this way, if someone does see the video, it cannot be linked to you or your partner.

Your safe bet in order to avoid such situations would be to delete the video as soon as you and your partner watch it. If you do decide to keep it, ensure that it is safe and out of reach from prying eyes.

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