Bring Out Your Adventurous Side By Trying Out Anal Sex

Many couples are skeptical when it comes to trying out anal sex. The evident and most popular reason being that anal sex is messy and painful. It does not have to be all that uncomfortable provided you and your partner take certain measures to make the experience worth it.

Making Anal Sex Work for You

If you and your partner are curious to try out anal for the first time, then you need to be prepared well in advance. There is a difference, when it comes to penetrating the vagina and the anus. Unlike vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. This is the reason why anal sex can be painful.

Ensure that you have enough lubes in hand, so that it is easier to glide your penis or sex toys into the anal passage. You might consider purchasing anal lubes specifically designed for this purchase. Silicone based ones are perfectly good for such situations, as they do not dry out quickly.

Practice safe sex. Make sure that you wear a condom before you penetrate her rear. STD's are more likely to be transmitted through the rear end as the skin in and around the anus is sensitive and thin, making it more prone to cuts and bleeding.

As in case of vaginal sex, indulge in a lot of foreplay for anal sex too. Experiment with well-lubricated sex toys or even your fingers, so that the anal muscles are dilated and relaxed allowing you smoother entry later on.

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Popular Positions for Anal Sex

Make use of the internet to search for comfortable positions when it comes to anal sex. You might be surprised by the number of positions available. Try out the basic ones. Some of the most popular ones would be:

  • Spooning Style – Here you and your partner sleep side by side. Your back is facing his front and he penetrates your anus from behind.
  • Doggy Style – In this position, your partner kneels down behind you and enters as you lie on your stomach and elevate yourself on your knees, with elbows resting on the ground.
  • Missionary Position – The position is same as doggy style, only difference here is that the woman needs to lie on her back with her knees raised.

No matter what position you take, ensure that your partner is comfortable with it. Do not force her for anal sex. Let her call the shots here like how fast or hard she wants or which position is more comfortable for her. If she asks you to stop then no matter how much you are enjoying it, you need to respect her wishes.

Proper Hygiene is a Must

Immediately after anal sex, you both need to clean yourself. Bear in mind not to insert your penis into her mouth or vagina after having anal sex. Your anus consists of bacteria that can cause serious infection or damage if they are transferred to any other part of your body.

You need to be extremely patient while trying out anal sex. If you do not get it right the first time, you can always try later.

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