Break Out From Normal Routine And Try Sex Under The Open Sky

Personal relationships need a lot of effort to make it grow. Sometimes, due to our busy work schedules, we sometimes are not able to spend enough quality time with our partners. Over a period of time, the relationship becomes more of a burden, which in turn leads to the couples parting ways. If you do not want your relationship following the same path, then you need to do something about it.

Rekindle Your Romance through Sex

When was the last time you had mind blowing sex with your partner? Is it difficult to remember? So why not start afresh. Take some time out from your work schedule and plan a getaway with your partner. She is going to love the idea. Your professional life should not come in the way of your personal life. Keep both of these separate.

Come out of your routine habit of having sex. Try something new and creative. The internet is a great place to get ideas and tips on different sex positions that you can try out.

Secondly, do not limit sex only to the bedroom. Your home is big enough to accommodate different sexual positions. Make use of the new polished kitchen countertop, the bathrooms, dining table and even the floors.

Winters are a great time to have floor sex near a warm and cosy fireplace. After sex, you can both cuddle up in a blanket and have a nice cup of cocoa.

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Summer is a Great Time for Outdoor Sex

Sex too like any other activities, needs a breath of fresh air. Summers are an excellent time to plan a romantic getaway. In addition to enjoying some quality time with your partner, you can even take full advantage of the outdoors to have sex under the open skies. Sounds adventurous right? This is your very own private world without a soul in sight and only nature as a spectator to your sexual performance.

The benefits of outdoor sex during summers are:

  • Summers are a time to wear minimal clothes. During sex, you need not have to waste time removing layers of clothes
  • You can indulge in erotic sex by spreading sun tan on each other and continuing all the way to the erotic zones
  • You can have sex on the beach with the cool breeze cooling your skin and the waves lashing in the background

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling Outdoors

Along with clothes, you also need to pack in some essentials for your outdoor trip. First and foremost, you need to decide on a venue, which gives both of you some privacy. Some ideal places could be beaches, parks or a camping trip.

Ensure that you take some blankets, so that you do not have to have sex on the grass or on the sand. Your partner will scream her head off, if she sees some insect crawling up to you or become uncomfortable with the beach sand touching her skin.

If you are going on a camping trip, carry bug repellents to keep those pesky creatures from attacking you and your partner. Carry plenty of food and water for your trip. You need all the energy you can get.

Last but not the least, carry enough paper towels. Sex is a dirty business and there is sure to be a lot of sweat and other body fluids coming out. Therefore, you need to be prepared and wash yourself off with soap and clean paper towels.

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