Be Ready To Rock Her World By Preparing In Advance With Your Sex Moves

Not everybody is an ace when it comes to sex. It differs from person to person. While some might have experience or confidence to woo girls, others might actually need to slog hard to get a girl to bed. If you too belong to the slogging hard category, then you might need to pull up your socks and get ready to score with your girl.

Pump Muscles and Stay in Shape

All women love men, who flaunt a six or eight pack abs and are muscular. It makes them feel loved and secured. Enroll into a gym and say bye – bye to your flab. Regular exercise also helps your overall sexual health.

  • It helps in reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction
  • It can also help in reducing the symptoms of BPH and improve your libido levels
  • Worried about poor semen quality, well a regular workout can improve both your semen quality and sperm count
  • Exercise makes you more flexible, thereby giving you the freedom of trying out different sexual positions

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Hitting the gym is not enough. You have a killer body, but if you look like a person from a prehistoric era, then you can forget about getting girls. Girls like men, who are well groomed and clean. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you have your hair trimmed in all the essential parts of your body. Shave if you have facial hair and ensure that your face is clean.

Put on Your Thinking Cap and Come Up With Ideas

If you really want to woo your partner, you might need to think outside the box. Women love men, who are creative and keep them entertained. Choose a venue that you know she would like. Purchase a nice present to impress her.

If you plan to have sex at your place, ensure that both of you would be alone for the night. You definitely do not want your family or roommates coming through the front door and finding both of you in an awkward situation. Embarrassing right? Firstly, you will not hear the end of this tale from your family or roomies and secondly your girl will never ever want to spend time with you again.

Light some scented candles and play some light music in the background. This will help her relax if she is tensed or nervous and provide a perfect opportunity for both of you to shed your inhibitions.

Make Her Feel Cherished After Sex

No matter how tired you are after a mind-boggling session of sex, ensure that you do not snooze off or rush to the bathroom to clean up. Every woman likes to be cuddled or talked to after a good session. A two-minute cuddle can do wonders for your relationship.

If you need to clean up, tell her so and join her back in bed. If you suffer from sexual issues and are worried that this might hinder your sexual performance with your partner, you can try out natural herbal supplements that might help you keep such issues at bay.

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