Ultimate Sex Tips – How To Finger Your Girl To Fully Entice Her

Women love fingering, and for guys, it remains an excellent way to kick start a foreplay. If you want to fully satisfy your girl, you should learn few simple fingering tips that make your woman remember your finger forever. Fingering is a perfect way to stimulate and make her ready for the sensual things to come.

Your finger can do great miracles on bed, but only when you know to make the best use of it. You can fully tantalize her and gift her multiple orgasms simply by using your finger. Your girl would appreciate it for sure if you do it in a correct manner.

Read on the following article to know how to make the full use of your finger to take your love making at highest levels of satisfaction.

Fingering Your Girlfriend - Things You Need To Know

Fingering is an Art

Fingering is more than just any sexual act. It's an art and you need to give it enough time if you're looking for mind blowing results in your love game. Don't do the things in rush and avoid being rough when it comes to fingering your woman. You should start coolly and slowly progress towards your ‘main' target. Set her mood first, relax her and give her ultimate experience of enjoyment.

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Focus on other parts too!

Just because she's moaning and enjoying your finger, that doesn't mean you should focus only on that single target. You have to keep moving to other parts of her body. Run your hands over her significant other parts, kiss her legs, gently fondle and kiss her body parts below waist.

Don't try to push it hard so earlier

Remember, you have to handle things in very gentle and smooth way. You should start the game slowly. Start teasing her with your finger at first. Don't stick or push it too hard in to her vagina, you may end up hurting her. Once you notice that she's enjoying your action, you can slowly increase your speed and penetrate her once she gets in mood.

It's time to go wild

When you see that she's just ready for the ride, it's time for you to take the complete charge of her. Slide your complete finger straight inside her vagina and slip out. Keep on doing this, and keep rotating your finger every now and then. It will surely drive your lady crazy and she'll love your finger forever.

Try using more than a single finger

Eventually, you will see your girlfriend's body is loosening up and becoming less tense. This is the time to try and insert more than a single finger in her vagina. You can try even more, but only when she looks comfortable taking them insider her. Any of your movement shouldn't turn her off.

In the end, kill the silence. You should also keep talking to her throughout your fingering session. You can also talk dirty with her, in order to stimulate her and make your surrounding of bedroom hotter than ever.

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