Top Satisfying Kama Sutra Positions To Jazz Up Your Sex Life

Let's face it. Men often find it difficult to sexually perform well. Pleasure is the ultimate hallmark of your sexual intercourse. Not surprisingly, though, most of the men are now trying to turn to those sacred Kama Sutra positions and tips to experience some completely different and thrilling moments in their love life.

Kama sutra offers diverse ways to perk up your sexual life. It is a very old Indian text that's often considered to be the prime authority for the sexual pleasure. The book has helped millions of couples that are looking to jazz up their passionate encounters. The book helps you keep experimenting creative and newest sex positions and different techniques texted in this a thousand year-old relationship guidebook.

The Plough

Allow your woman to rest on her back on bed. Now, you stand up and put her legs onto your shoulders. This ancient Kama sutra sex position gives you the sense deeper penetration and your lady would surely like the deeper sensation into her vagina. The position would work fine with a woman having flexible body.

The Rocking Chair

In this, you rest on the bed, keeping your body at an angle of 90 degrees. Allow your woman to sit astride on your lap with bent knees and her back facing at you. It is the perfect Kamasutra sex position that you can even enjoy while watching the television.

Deep Dish

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In this position, the woman has to rest at the edge of the bed. Now, you have to stand in between her legs, gripping them around her waist. Now go deep into her and enjoy the wonderful experience that this position gives. This step fits well to the artistic men.

Lazy Doggie

Rest your woman down on bed on all her four, and keep her back facing you. Relax her front end into the low crawling position. Now you have to get yourself behind her on the knees, penetrate yourself and rest your whole body on top of her. This position is good for people with dire laps.

Side Saddle

Now, in this position, you have to sit at the right angle position, getting your woman facing at you. Rest her body on your lap, with her hands at one side of your waist and legs at the other end. Then hold her tightly and let the session begin. This sex pose is best for the girls having upper body strength.

The Butterfly

This step is quite helpful when you are so tired. Here you just have to lay down on your back with your legs outright. Now your honey will do everything else for you. She will need to put herself in an upright position and straddle.

Classic 69

In this step you get the real feel of oral sex. Here your lady can get on top of you and her bottom face you, so that you both can give oral pleasure to each other simultaneously.

Try out these classical sex positions to add creativity to your sex life, and keep your relationship delightful forever!

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