How To Ease Off The Pain During Sex

Sex is not always fun. Occasionally it can be painful for women and there are various reasons for this. The problem may be related to position and for others it can be due to medical condition. However, if the pain is not due to any of the reasons mentioned above then it is time to meet the doctor.

Firm hymen

Few women have a firm hymen, specially the first timers. However, the fact that first sex always hurts is not at all true. For women with high lubricant fluid inside vagina and small hymen, sex for the first time is as comfortable as subsequent sex. Moreover, women using sex toy and tampon also do not feel the pain.

Women with firm hymen often feel excess pain during first intercourse. Moreover, the anticipated pain and lack of arousal also aggravate it further. The right solution to this problem is going slowly. Start with good foreplay to arouse her and lubricate her vagina. Once it is done use your fingers instead of penis to start the expansion.

Bad mood

Often sad or bad mood aggravate the pain during sex. Moreover, having sex just after the fight (especially when she is not feeling to do so) can also lead to painful intercourse. The vagina will not secrete essential lubricants, which can cause excess friction and pain.

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Try to emotionally connect with her before starting the foreplay. Make her happy and slowly arouse her. Do not force her to do so if she is unwilling. You should try some face to face positions to make her feel comfortable.

Child birth

The lubricants inside vagina is often secreted less after childbirth. Moreover, with ageing, the amount of lubrication becomes less, which prevents it from getting slippery and thus increases the friction. Make sure you use good amount of external lubricants onto your and her genital areas before starting the act.

Allergies or side effects

The genital area of women is extremely sensitive. They easily acquire the problem of rashes, irritation, redness and infection. If she complains about pain in her pelvic region, make sure you check down there. If you find any rashes or red spots take her to doctor.

Apart from being the result of heat and sunburn, these rashes can also be due to any new medication she started using recently. Chances are that it is caused by change in condom as well. Having rashes and irritation during and after menstruation is common, but if she suffers from the same after one week of menstruation, it is time to visit your doctor.

Sex after a long time

Sex is often painful if done after a long gap. The vagina is highly elastic and it regains its natural position if not penetrated timely. Having sex after long gap is like having sex for the first time, as your vagina is not ready for the penis.


If the problems persist even after taking specific measures, consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible.

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