How Lube Helps Her In Having Orgasm

Couples often do not using lubes considering it unnecessary for them. However, the reality is that lube is good for everyone, especially for women to achieve the pleasure of orgasm. You might have used it yourself and found the difference. If not, try it today and see the change you get in your sexual experience.

The common misconception

People often believe that lubes are used only in four cases:

  • First, when women are not aroused enough to produce the lubricants inside the vagina.
  • When men are not able to her turn on, to make her wet
  • After birth of child when lubricating agents are released in minimal quantities.
  • Due to old age the secretions of lubricant ceases.

Although the reasons are true, thinking that you cannot use lubes in daily life is a misnomer. Lubricants even if secreted may not be enough for slippery passage of penis. Therefore, it is good for you to use lubes even if it's one drop.

Is not getting wet naturally a problem?

People, mainly boys, often think that lack of arousal leads to less secretion of lubricants. However, this is not at all true. Arousal has nothing to do with secretion. Doctors have found women not at all willing to have sex, in a condition when their vagina is filled with fluid whereas there are others, who are longing to have it in, but have a very dry inside there.

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Not getting wet is not a problem, but a natural phenomenon related to women's cycle. Therefore, if your woman does not get wet even after a long foreplay, do not panic, as it is completely normal. Use lube and enjoy the pleasure of having smooth sex.

Why lube?

Well, this is the question in every couples mind. Lube helps in artificial lubrication of her vagina. Moreover, her sensation spots, including the clitoris and the G-spot are well lubricated to enhance the process of orgasm.

Often the lack of fluids and dry genitals leads to painful sex, which does not allow the woman to go with the flow and interferes with the phenomenon of having orgasm. It is essential for you to feel fully comfortable to attain orgasm specially the multiple ones.

For you as well, the increased lubrication will give more pleasure to your penis. The penetration level will also be higher with the use of lubes. You'll reach deeper and deeper and give pleasure to both the genitals.

Side effects of lube

The lubes are made up with natural substances generally. In case, they have chemicals in them, they do not cause any side effect. These lubes are generally tested before being launched. Moreover, they contain natural oils including jojoba and other essential oils. You can also use oil in your home, as lubricant. Your saliva can also do the work easily!


If you are not using sex due to some misconception, it is time to start doing so. Use a little today and experience the change in your sexual life.

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