Best Intimacy Tips To Help Your Sexual Life Bloom

Getting intimate is an essential part of a relationship. All of us need some help and advice in this department. Well, here are some intimacy tips for you to try in bed. You'll definably see a change in whole atmosphere and your sexual life will bloom. Just be confident and start.

Be prepared

Yes. It is necessary to be prepared for sex anytime. Women often like men starting the sexual topic. Well, if you see your lady in a good mood, you can start the foreplay. However, it is necessary to do some preparations beforehand to save the mood from spoilage.

  • Shave yourself down: A girl would never love having sex with hair. Even the facial hair often irritates their body during kisses or licking.
  • Smell good: Do not forget to apply her favourite fragrance before starting the foreplay. Women often love the way men smell. Therefore, make sure you have bathed properly and your natural fragrance is enough to attract her.
  • Eat less: Sex after eating is usually not as exciting as during other times. Therefore, it is necessary that you eat less, if you want to indulge in sex tonight.
  • Drink less: Do not drink too much or water and alcohol. It may lead to problems in between sex. Your lady will never like the fact that you go to the washroom during sex.
  • Dress well: Do not forget to dress gently to please her. She would love to see you in a new look. Try a new look and arouse her feeling.

Be gentle

Do not crush her in-between your arms. Hold her gently and start with foreplay. During foreplay just use your finger tips and lips to arouse her. Women love a gentle touch in the start. Yes, you can be wild, but make sure you do not hurt or crush her during the process.

Even if you are above her during sex, do not let your body weight be a burden on her. You should know the points, which arouse her. For instance, the neck and ear lobes of women are very sensitive. You can kiss her neck or ear lobes to arouse her instantly.

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Help her climax

Often men experience orgasm before women. Do not forget about her climax, if yours is done. Help her reach climax with your fingers and tongue to make her enjoy sex with you.

Don't focus on a single body part

Be sure you pay attention towards each body part of her and not just the boobs. Do not tweak the nipples for a long time. To prevent her from losing interest in you, make sure you pay attention to her details. For instance, you can praise her eyes, her hair, and her waist.

Be experimental

Don't just go with the daily boring poses. Try something new every time. You can use foodstuffs, props and new pose to please her.


If you follow these tips you are likely to make your mate happy and have a bloomed up sexual life.

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