Want To Make It Hotter? Try Delaying Penetration

Penetration is what every man looks for during sex. When you mention the word sex everything else like foreplay or talking naughty goes blur and the focus is just on penetration. Well, it is not their fault.

Obviously, controlling penetration is quite difficult thing to do for men. Did you know that in some cases early penetration could actually turn her off? Delaying penetration has many benefits. Let's discuss, how delaying penetration can actually arouse her more and fetch you some good fun.

Definitely not easy:

First of all, you have to understand how difficult delaying penetration is. Most women will not be able to understand it, but of course, you know that when there is a naked woman in front of you and you are fully turned on, it is difficult to holdup.

You will need a lot of control over both your mind and body. This does not mean you have to be out of the scene and think of something that turns you off, but just control your emotions reasonably to prolong penetration.

Surprisingly, even when you are in a state of sexual arousal and excitement, it is possible to relax by slowing down and taking deep breaths when necessary. Therefore, whenever you are tensed, try to slow down and relax your muscles.

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Why hurry?

For sure, by now you must be thinking what if I do it quickly. Well, most women think that if you jump into penetration too quickly neither you are caring nor you are interested in a long foreplay. Also, sex is not only about penetration. In fact, penetration is actually beginning of the end. Make the event a little longer and see how it excites her. You can try oral sex to divert your mind for a while and to calm your ready-to-go penis.

Furthermore, this will give you an opportunity to think that you just gave it to her when it was irresistible for her. You can easily sense that after a point she will actually crave for her and dude this is going to turn in to a big one.

What will you miss?

Well, let us discuss what will you miss, if you quicken everything. Now, first of all, let's be honest, do you really think penetration is all the fun you can have out of making out. Of course not, the fun starts when you start touching her vigorously. It starts when you are getting just too close to resist each other.

Also, it starts when you start moving your hand all over her and touch those boobies she's got. So, when you hasten penetration, you actually miss all the fun that you could have possibly got. Penetration is for sure going to take place, but until then why not have more pleasure.


Thus, next time when you plan to play games, make sure you play it for long. You will definitely see how things are spiced up by just delaying penetration a little. You cannot imagine her excitement level nor can you imagine the priceless treatment that you will receive after the act.

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