Sensational Valentine's Day Lovemaking Ideas

Valentine's day is a special day, where you can uniquely express your immense love towards your partner. You can plan something special for your lady love and excite her. There are many romantic things that can make the day exclusive and memorable. You get lots of opportunity where you can romantically explore your partner sexually. In case you are not sure, where to begin from then this article will help you in planning the day.

Few Tips for Enjoying your Sexual Valentine Day:

Sensational Bath – On this special day, why not treat your partner like a princess and do things that she might have only fantasized till now. A hot water bath will not only relax her mind, but will also get you close to her beautiful body parts. Fill the bath with petals and perfumed oils. Ensure that the water is not very hot and if possible light candles all over the bathroom. Your partner will surely appreciate the romantic and sensible approach. Don't forget to turn on a soothing music that will brighten up the whole atmosphere. Enjoy every moment that you spend with her in the bathtub. It gives you an opportunity to get intimate with each other. Keep a towel, so that you can wipe off the water from her body part after bathing her. You can then lead her directly into the bedroom, where you can admire her body and enjoy some romantic sexual moments.

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Make Love Around the House – Planning erotic sex on the February 14th is not a new thing, but add spice and flavor to your lovemaking session. Instead of choosing the usual bedroom, you can play with her in and around the garden, on the dining table, kitchen, and other places. Don't forget to express your love and care towards your partner. You can sweep her off the floor and passionately love her. New places for making love will add new colors to your relationship.

Feed her Tasty Food in Bedroom – Make your Valentine celebration exclusive by combining sex and food in the bedroom. Decorate her body with fruits like strawberries, chocolate, raspberries, melon, and others. Place them on her body and passionately eat them. You can spread the liquid chocolate across her naked body, and gradually lick it.

Sex Game – You can be creative and make this day remarkable by checking your partner's fantasies. No other day can be perfect for experimenting sexual acts. If she wants you to be over her completely, then do it with great passion. You can blindfold her and build up her sex instincts. It is her day, so dedicate yourself completely to her. Play with her hair, lips, neck, and other sensitive parts. She will be excited when you completely dedicate your mind and body to her.

Soft Touch – Play with her sensitive body by running your fingers all over her beautiful body. You can opt to tease her body with sensitive feathers. The soft touch of a feather will tickle her sexual desire. This feather creates special sexual sensation especially when you play with it close to her vagina.

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