Tips On How To Be An Ideal Lover

It is a dream of every guy to be an ideal lover and for sure it is an irresistible tag. However, there is always perplexity on the attributes that an ideal lover must have. Will you obtain the tag of being an ideal lover just by being good in bed or by learning sex tips? What does a girl look for in her lover? Well, this article will help you to get a clear picture on the moves and thought process of such lovers.

Regular guy as ideal lover

Every woman wants an ideal lover in bed. However, they do not come with a tag, and they cannot be spotted among the crowd, they are part of a social group. He is no different from a regular guy. It is possible that you might be meeting him daily without having the slightest clue.

Physically he is no different, he can be thin or fat, tall or short, and his physical attributes do not make or break him. His inner qualities attract the girls towards him.

The moves of an ideal lover

The only place that an ideal lover will be different from a regular guy is when he is in bed with his girl. They make a move according to their thought process.

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An ideal lover will devote most of his time with his girl. They are never in a hurry or in a rush. They take time in knowing the girl before making the right move. They live in the present.

He is a silent and gentle lover. He knows his moves, and is confident about them. His intention is not to impress anyone, but to give his girl a pleasurable moment. He is always willing to learn new things from his partner. He would want to improve himself in bed just for the sake of his girl.

If you think they are a pushover, then you are mistaken. They gain what they desire. Their charm always works on the girl.

Provides the girl with emotional support

An ideal lover will take the help of the most powerful weapon, which is emotion. They understand the value of emotions, especially when they are with a girl. They will make the girl feel every moment of togetherness when he is with her. It does not matter whether they are having a one-night stand or a long-term relationship. They will be with the girl emotionally.

When an ideal lover is in bed with his partner, he will always have a technique ready for her. He will be soft and gentle, playing with her sensuality. They are one of the few guys, who understand the purpose of foreplay before sex. They will not rush into penetration, but will play with his girl, making her wild with desire.

He will not stop playing, even after penetration. He will continue to touch her and give her immense pleasure, telling her how beautiful she is. He will cuddle her in his arm, kiss her and be with her physically as well as emotionally.

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