Tips On Giving Orgasm To A Woman With Small Penis

Most men are under the notion that the size of a penis contributes to a great sexual life and experience. However, this is not true. You can please your women even with a small penis. Are you surprised to hear this? An amazing sex depends on the techniques, you use on your women in bed.

About the size of penis and sex

The debate on the penis size for sex has been going on, since ages. Some people consider their penis as one of the important tools for enjoying a pleasurable sex. You should put away all the pills that you been taking for extending the size of your penis, and instead work on the techniques that you can use on your woman in bed.

If you ask women, who wants to enjoy an amazing sex with their partner, then penis is least thing that they are bothered about. Initially they might not be comfortable, once you satisfy them they will be confident about your performance. As per a survey, women crave for men who have averaged sized manhood.

Giving her pleasure in bed

You should know how to love women in bed, the right way to caress her, kissing her all over the body, and others are some of the methods for pleasing her. Foreplay is another thing that will arouse your partner, and it has to do nothing with the size. Check how your partner response to your touch and passion.

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Observe her while she is masturbating, it will give you an idea, what she wants to be done in bed. Sometimes they lead you and tell you as to what they want on bed. All you need to do is follow their guidance.

About sex and penetration

Some men think that penetration is the only act during sex. This is not true, you will have to foreplay with your girl, turn her on before penetration. There might be times when she is not getting aroused properly, may be due to various reasons. This is the time when you can exhibit your skills and passion.

The nerve center of a women body does not stimulate just by penetration. Your penis might be small or big, and many a times you don't know if you are satisfying them. Women enjoy being with men who can please them in bed, and treat them with love and respect.

Most women do not reach orgasms as their partner is incompetent in performing the best. Just penetrating your penis is not everything.

Some tips to be used in bed

If you have small penises don't let it overpower your passion and stamina. Proper understanding and compatibility is the simple way to enjoy a pleasurable sex. Try new poses, and built up excitement in your sex life. Keep on playing with your women until she is wild with desire, and then penetrate. This will help her to reach climax, and both of you will enjoy the pleasure.

One of the most common positions that men with small penis should try is doggy position during sex.

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