Tips On Becoming A Sensual Lover

Every woman dreams of a man, who will make her feel special. To become a sensual lover you will have to be spontaneous and believe in your instincts.

Translate daily action to enhance your sex life

It has been noticed that most people close their eyes during kissing. The main reason for doing this is that they want to enjoy the moment with each other. Closing your eyes makes the other sense organs more active, and this way you can feel the closeness to your partner.

You will require training your organs to respond to a specific situation. For this, you can start the practice at home. Take a piece of chocolate from the refrigerator, and close your eyes before biting into it. After you have taken the first bite, experience the taste and slowly roll the small piece of chocolate in your mouth. Bit by bit savor and enjoy it.

You will slowly adapt yourself to relish the chocolate with your eyes closed, in the similar manner enjoy sex with your girl. You will gradually become accustomed to this part of your sexual relationship, which will bring you and your partner closer to one another.

Savor every moment that you spend together

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A sensual love is not associated only with sex, it also refers to the time that both of you spend with one another. Be romantic with her tell her how special she is, while kissing her softly with love and care.

When you are with your partner, enjoy and cherish every moment you spend with her. Hold her hands while you are talking to each other, or while taking a walk.

When you are in bed, slow down and feel her touch, her smell and the warmth of her body. When your partner will see the way you are taking pleasure in being with her, it will warm her up, and she will give you a wonderful time in bed.

Make use of your senses

Your senses play a vital role during lovemaking and also during your daily activities, which is important to make your relationship interesting. The way you handle yourself in your day to day activities will give an idea about how you are going to be in bed. You cannot hurry in your daily life and expect to become a sexual phenomenon in bed with your partner.

Let us take an example of you going to work daily. You are in a hurry and drive at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. You will not be able to see any views outside the window. Exactly, the same way, you have to go slow, trying to understand the girl you are dating, otherwise you might rush past the girl of your dream.

In a nutshell, it is important to be observant, while dating a girl, exactly the way you are during your day-to-day actions. Focusing yourself into any activity will automatically help you to upgrade your sexual relationship with your partner.

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