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When you are in bed enjoying the closeness, kissing and caressing, you realize that your partner is not ready yet to let you in, and this could be upsetting, which spoils the thrill of climaxing. This could pressurize the opposite person to an extent that the whole meaning of indulging in sexual act is ruined. Instead of enjoying the lovemaking, you end up driving your partner away from you.

Do not push her in bed

Every woman likes to experience an orgasm. As a human being our bodies are programmed to seek and enjoy pleasure. In fact men are likely to orgasm 3 to 5 times more than women, but women are not so goal-oriented. Hence, it is counterintuitive to bully your partner into enjoying herself. This makes her to concentrate only on the act of sex, rather than taking pleasure in the act.

Also, avoid asking her too many questions while in the bed. Focus and channelize your energy in turning her on. Her body response will tell you whether she is ready or not.

Make use of your experience

When you feel that your girl is faking orgasm, make use of your finger and mouth to stimulate her. Lick her clitoris and suck and nibble her breast. Make her enjoy the moment that you are sharing with her. It is not about having wild and mindless sex all the time.

If your girl is too tired make a mutual arrangement of masturbating together. While in the process, keep touching, kissing and looking at each other. This helps in maintaining the connection between the two of you.

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Shower your love during sex

Pamper your girl with love and affection when you are in bed with her. Lightly touch her, kiss her softly, play with her hair, and look deep into her eyes before you are ready for sex. Orgasm is not everything to a woman. She would love to be in your arms and enjoy the warmth of your body.

Sometimes, it might be fun to play with your girl and see the number of orgasms she'll have, but rushing her into sex all the time is not recommended.

Being lubricated does not mean she is ready

When you are with your girl, kissing is an important act, which will turn both of you. While kissing and fore playing, a woman gets wet, but this does not indicate that she is ready to have sex with you. Their mind and body has to be open before making love, being lubricated and being ready for sex are two different things.

It is a wrong notion that you will have to indulge in the act of sex, when the woman is wet. You will have to give her time to take rest, and be slow and steady while turning her on.

Do not start having sex too early, or keep her waiting for too long, as this will make the situation awkward and both of you will not enjoy the act of sex with each other.

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