Things That A Man Should Know In Order To Perform Better Sex

Sex is one of the most important parts of our lives. Both, you and your partner, should try to improve your sex life and make it more exciting. Trying something new always adds on to the excitement, and helps in bringing both, you and your partner closer. This also is a gateway towards a healthier and happier sex life.

Compliment her and hold her close

Most women are unsure of their body, and are not comfortable with it, and thus it is necessary for you to tell her how beautiful she is. This will not only make her feel happy, but will also make her feel special. It will add to your advantage, as this will incline the girl towards you.

While you are walking on the streets or in a shopping mall, make sure that you hold her hand. This sends out a signal that she belongs to you, and you are proud of having her in your life. Your girlfriend will appreciate this gesture, and will come closer to you, both mentally and physically. You will later be able to reap the awards of your simple gesture in bed.

Morning sex, shopping and an outdoor sex

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Plan a day for just the two of you. Make sure that you switch off your cell phones and keep the laptops away. Wake up early in the morning, and make the breakfast for her and serve it in bed. After the breakfast, cuddle against each other, touching her gently, kissing, and playing with her fingers. In no time, both of you will be naked, and enjoying sex.

After sex, spend some time with her, just talking casually. Go out for shopping, while at the mall take her to the lingerie section, and make her buy few sexy ones, which both of you can enjoy later on. While she is trying them on, ask her to show them to you. This will mount on the passion between the two of you, and she will be eager to have her hands on you.

Try having outdoor sex. If both of you are feeling uncomfortable having it outside the house, thinking that a passerby might see you, then pitch a tent. Nothing is as exciting as having sex outdoor.

Go slow, and try dim light

Most women are not comfortable making love in bright light, so dim the room a little. Candle light is the best, as it will add on to the romance, and she will love the gesture of making love a pleasurable experience.

Do not rush into the act immediately. Be slow, feel her face and body with your fingers, and tell her what you would like to do to her. The naughtier your thoughts are, the more excited she will be.

Do not push your girl into anything that is not enjoying, or with which she is not comfortable. Respect her likes and dislikes, and see the amazing sex you have with her in control of the act all the time.

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