The Ten Commandments Of Using Condom

It is necessary to have safe sex, without compromising with your desires. There is no point in getting worried about unwanted pregnancy, STD, or other such infections after having sex. To ensure safe sex it is advisable that you always use a condom.

Availability of a condom

It is advisable not to carry them in your pocket, wallet, or on the dashboard of your car, as the heat or cold weather can spoil the quality of the condom. You can easily keep some condoms in your nightstand, locker of the gym, bathroom, and on your work desk. It is much easier for a girl to carry it in her purse.

How to wear it the right way

It is necessary for you to learn the right way to wear the condom. Follow the instructions that are given at the back of the box. While wearing a condom, you have to hold its tip, and slowly pull it up. Make sure that you do this slowly, with as little resistance as possible, making sure that you leave some place for the semen.

Check it before using

It is a necessary to check the condom of the expiry date, damages, or hole. The condom, which you have stored in your cupboard, can be older than you think. If you do not remember the time you purchased them, then it is good to throw it.

Using the right size

Most men assume that they would require condoms, which are large, when in reality, a regular one would work. If you use a condom that is large for your size, then there are chances that it might slip out during sex. A small size condom would be tight and uncomfortable, and chances are that it might break.

Use of lubrication

Do not be under the illusion that a lubricated condom would be enough. Always use lube before wearing a condom and after.

Use it during oral sex

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Using condom during oral sex will keep you and your girlfriend away from any unwanted disease. Use flavored condoms and never use spermicide condoms during oral sex.

Condom talk before sex

It is a necessary step, which you and your partner should talk about condom before sleeping together. Do not talk about it before penetration. Give yourself time to be prepared.

Experiment with it

Buy condoms of good and renowned brands so that both of you can enjoy yourself. Use different brand, and feel the different of sensation that it gives you and your girl. Choose the one that will excite both of you.

Be prepared for emergencies

It might happen that you condom is torn during sex. Always keep emergency pills in hand. Take it as soon as possible. These pills are readily available with a chemist or Planned Parenthood. It is advisable that you start on birth control pills as soon as you take the decision of getting sexually active.

No other material to be used

Do not use any other household material in place of a condom. If you do not have a condom with you, it is better that you do not have sex. An unprotected sex is never exciting.

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