Sexual Tension: Ways To Built It

When you first meet a girl and date her, it is necessary that you build an air of sexual mystery all around you. Do not disclose everything about yourself, unless you are asked to. Let the girl question you, understand you, and come close to you. Most men have noticed that once women get to know everything about them, they lose interest in him.

Understanding women

Women are different from men, and in order to have a healthy conversation with your partner as it will help you understand them. Most men complain that they are not able to converse with women, as they find it difficult to choose a topic for the same. Guys try to pick a general topic that will interest both of you. If you haven't tried it till now, then it is the time.

Let us discuss upon a common example that most men face, while having a conversation with women. The woman you are dating, comes in after a hectic day from work, and complains to you about the workload. Most men would try to mend her problem by giving solution to it. However, your girl gets furious with you, making you wonder what your mistake is.

The right approach to the problem would be listening to a woman, quietly, and sympathize with her. You will be amazed to notice how glad she will be.

Be a mystery to her

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Be a bit mysterious to the woman you are dating. Do not answer all her questions directly, at times reply with a question, creating an element of suspense, which will excite her. This way she will want to meet you again, and would like to know you better.

When you are having a conversation, show your humorous side to her, make her feel comfortable in your company. Ask her about herself and listen to it attentively and you will be happy with the magic. The girl will call you herself, asking for a date again.

Keep the interest levels going?

Once the girl you are dating found you interesting, it is time to move in towards the next step. Call her and send her texts, which would ensure that she keeps thinking about you. This would also give her hint that you like her, and trying to know more about you. This would help in keeping the interest of the woman in you.

When women, starts asking questions that are personal, it means that they are interested in you, and would like to know you better. When you notice that personal questions are being asked it is important that you do not answer the questions directly. Instead, be casual and ignore the question, or throw back the question on them.

If things work out between both of you, then you can answer the questions, she asks later.

Be yourself

When you are dating a woman, it is necessary for you to show her your real side, which you are. Pretending to be someone else will not get you anywhere. Women are no fools, they will instantly understand if you are pretending to be someone you are not.

She will like you better, and appreciate you if you are truthful to her.

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