Sex Gets Better With Passing Time

Sex is one of the most important elements of our life. It is part of our existence and the love towards our beloved partner. Sex brings two individuals closer to one another, increasing the love that exists between the two. Sex is an act, which will be a part of your life, forever, whether it is the passionate sex that you have with your lover at a young age, or holding hands of your partner at the age of fifty.

Sex improves with age

Just as the taste of wine gets better with the passing time, so does sex. You will notice the difference in you and your partner's performance. You will notice that you are able to perform better in bed, as you know the ways in which you can arouse your girl, giving her pleasure and love in bed. Similarly, you will notice that your partner also knows how to please you in bed and give you orgasms.

Losing interest in sex with your partner

Many people wonder, if the statement ‘sex improvement over time' is true, then how the couples having great sex fall apart?

You must remember that nothing in life is permanent. What you enjoy today, might not be enjoyed by you tomorrow. You might dread having sex with your partner, and she must be feeling the same way. Sex with the same person, same sexual positions, and same moans, might not interest you over time. This situation may arise over a period, though there is no definite time.

Make sex interesting

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When you and your partner are losing interest in each other, this is the time for you to spice up your life, and try out new sexual positions. Making your sex life interesting and innovative is a new step in your relationship. It is a challenge for both of you, and it is essential that you respond to the challenges that come your way.

Try to be innovative in bed, and think of new ways in which you can improve your sex life. Losing a long-term relationship is not an answer to the difficult phase in life that you are facing. This is the time, when you should remember, the spark you shared in bed, and the love you have for each other.

Some of the ways to make sex life interesting

There are more than sixty different positions in Kama Sutra, you and your partner can try out new position every week.

Play role is exciting and fun, and it does not have to be limited to your bedroom. Decide upon a common place, meet your partner there, and pretend that you have just met.

Send your partner a naughty text, telling him what you would like to do in bed. This will get him aroused with anticipation.

Agree not to have sex with each other for some time. Just enjoy the kiss and foreplay with your partner. This will not only help in charging the libidos, but will also make you value each other and you enjoy sex immensely.

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