Perfect Four Positions For Sex On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a day to express your love to your girl. It is the day for love and romance. Your girl will not only be expecting a romantic date with you, but an amazing sex too. It is completely in your hands, how you make the day wonderful.

Most men have a notion that women would enjoy new positions and exciting sex on this day, but you are wrong. Your partner will not enjoy, if she is not comfortable in the new position that you intend to try. In fact, it might turn her off, and you will not be successful in giving her an amazing time that you had planned for the day.

It is often safe to stick to old positions, which you are sure that she enjoys. If you are in a mood to try something new, then it is advisable to stick on to the basic positions.

Missionary position

Most people consider it to be boring, but you will be surprised to know that this position works for most women. Having sex in this position, allows you to be closer to you girl, kissing and loving her during sex. One of the best attributes about this position is that you will be able to savor each and every moment together. This position allows you to experience the taste and the smell, which will turn you and your partner on and you can have amazing sex. This is one of the best sex positions for Valentine's Day.

Make use of this position to make sex romantic and sweet. Foreplay is an important act before sex. Oral sex is also equally important. Give her an oral that she will never forget. By the time you are ready to have sex with her, she would have had at least one orgasm if not two. During penetration, make sure to be soft and gentle, letting the excitement build gradually.

Lotus position

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Lotus position is one of the basic sex positions. It's simple but effective, as this position will allow you and your girl to feel closer to each other. This position allows you to have face-to-face intimacy with your partner, along with cuddling and kissing during sex.

This position has been tried by most couples, but if you have not yet tried it then there is no better occasion than the Valentine's Day. This position will make your girl feel loved and not cheap.

Spooning position

This sex position has been widely used by couples. It has an added advantage of allowing you to caress your girl's neck and nibble playfully on her ears, while touching her breast and other parts of her body.

While you are having sex in this position, play with her vagina, and finger her. This will give her immense pleasure. It will also help her to reach orgasm faster.

Cowgirl position

Having sex in the cowgirl position will excite your girl, and completely arouse her. This position gives her maximum friction, and makes her reach orgasm faster than any other position.

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