Know Your Girls Fantasy About Larger Sized Penis

You pride your large sized penis, but have you ever thought what your girl feel or think about it. Don't assume that your girl will like your larger sized penis and you don't have to do anything to amuse your girl. It is commonly assumed that you can excite your partner with a big sized manhood. With no performance, you can never excite your girlfriend, no matter whatever size of your penis is.

Men with small penis can easily satisfy their partner rather they need to use a technique that will erotically excite them.

Tips to follow during an intercourse

Most men rush to penetrate inside her vagina, which is not a good sign. Be thoughtful towards your girl, when you are in bed with her. You should think about her pleasure and satisfaction along with yours.

Having intercourse with a man who has large penis can be quite painful for the girl, and she might not be comfortable during the whole act. Be patient and begin slowly as it will build up sexual tension. It is necessary for you to give her some time, so that she can stretch and will be able to accommodate the large penis.

Use lubrication before penetration. As you have a large penis, she will be more comfortable with the use of lubrication.

Giving oral sex to your girl is one of the most exciting things that will amuse your partner.

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When a woman is completely aroused, it increases her vagina. It thus makes penetration easily, without any pain. This will help in making sex comfortable and easy for your girl.

Should you try anal sex with your girl?

If you have large penis, then anal sex will be extremely difficult for your girl. She would be unwilling to venture into anal sex with you. Use sex toys, which are specifically designed for anal sex. Start with small sex toys, and then go on to bigger toys. Allow her to get accustomed to the penetration in the anal. This would take some time, may be weeks or months, but you will have to be patient.

Do not force your girl into penetration, in the anal. If you force her, then she might never want to try it ever again. Play according to her rules, and win her confidence. Always remember that you are required to use lubricates before anal sex, sometime you might need to use the whole bottle.

Guide her during oral sex

It can be difficult for a woman to give oral, especially if she is not skilled in it. She may not be able to do it properly, because of your large penis, as it will not fit in her mouth. Help her to get accustomed to your large penis. Gently guide her, and tell her what she does is something that you enjoy the most.

Encourage her to hold your penis while giving you an oral. In this way both of you will enjoy it.

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