Five Common Mistakes Made During Sex

When you are in bed with your girl, be loving and patient with her. Explore her body, and find out what she enjoys the most. Make her feel comfortable with you in the bed, before indulging in the act. Mentioned below are a few tips on sex that will help you to perform better in bed. However, most men unknowingly make mistakes during sex, which turns off their partner.

Less time spent on foreplay

The act of foreplay is very important. There are times when both of you are hot, and do not get into the act of foreplay, but this cannot be practiced every time. If the time of foreplay between you and your partner is five minutes or less, then you are making one of the biggest blunders in bed. There should be loads of kissing, touching and sucking, before you get into the act of penetration.

It is advisable to indulge in foreplay for a long period, as it will allow your partner to warm up before intercourse.

Penetration without oral sex

Oral sex is one of the important steps, which gives immense pleasure to your partner in bed. It will help her to warm up before sex. If you have not tried this with your girl, then now is the time to attempt it. There isn't a girl who does not like oral sex before intercourse from their partner.

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Do not immediately go down to her vagina. Start by kissing her, going down to her breast, then her stomach, and finally her vagina. Begin by licking and touching her thighs and then gently suck her clitoris. Going down immediately to the vagina is an incorrect move, which should be avoided.

Staying silent or talking a lot during sex

Make sure that you are not completely silent during sex. Nothing is more uncomfortable for a girl, if her guy is silent and this could ruin her mood. Being silent would also confuse her, whether you are enjoying the act or not. If you enjoy something that your girl does, then tell her how much you enjoyed it.

Touch her lovingly during sex, and tell her how beautiful she is, this would make her communicate with you. Ask her what she enjoys the most and this will help each other to understand better. Also, it would help her to talk dirty and enjoy sex with you.

However, you should remember not to overdo it. Talking too much would ruin the mood. Some girls enjoy dirty talk, but there are girls who do not enjoy it. Know your partner before you start calling her names.

Do not be kinky

A girl enjoys sex toys in the bedroom, but you should not do it too often, or else it might become boring. It is essential for you to ask your girl whether she enjoys sex toys, it might be possible that your girl is not into it, and you would intimidate her with your fantasies. This might scare the girl away from you. Let the girl open up to you before you tell her about your fantasies.

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