Explore The Opportunities Of Role Play In Your Sex Life

Sex is one of the many ways you could show your love to your partner. However, it might be possible that with time, the feeling of indulging in such an act fades away. You'll easily notice that both of you, you and your partner, are trying hard to keep up the life alive in your bedroom.

In such cases, it is best to add some spice to your sex life. Trying out new positions every time you have sex is an effort in itself. The simplest way by which you can easily enjoy having sex with your partner is by indulging in the act of role-play.

Reasons for role playing

Most of you might be curious as to why do you need to enact role-play during sex. The reason behind it is that it helps in making your sex life more interesting and out of this world. It would make both the partners come closer, making them tell each other their desires that they would like to experiment, but were too conscious to discuss.

As you get to know each others desires better, it would help you to improve your experience in bed and make it a healthy practice. It would also help you enhance your creativity, and taking up new roles while having sex with your partner, would make both of you go wild with ecstasy.

Possible ideas to use

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Some of the ideas, which both you and your partner can use and enjoy, are:

Student – teacher: If you are the student then you could wear a shirt tucked into your shorts. In case she is the student, she could wear plaid skirt with a plain blouse. The play could be about the student who fails to clear a subject and the teacher asking for a favor to help pass. The other scene that both of you could enact is a teacher taking after class hour on sex education.

Stripper-client: This works great among most of the couples, as it allows you to use the maximum number of props. To add more to the act, you can set up your room like a club. Put up some extra colorful lights, music, a chair, and some cash.

Doctor-patient: You could be a doctor examining your partner while she is lying naked talking about her health issues in private parts like not sensation on clitoris. You can dress up like the doctor, in a white coat, or can come naked just wearing the stethoscope.

Law-breaker-cop: The costume of the cop is readily available anywhere and you can use the handcuffs too. The play could be about a lawbreaker punished by the cop. You could strip your partner and spank him or her for breaking the rules.

Anyone of you can choose a character of his or her choice during the role-play. It is not necessary that a guy needs to be a doctor and girl a patient. Be creative, and unleash your darkest fantasies.

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