Does The Size Of Penis Matter?

Penis is a pride for every man, and they don't like anyone making fun of it. He wants to own a bigger sized manhood as he can confidently satisfy their partner in bed. Those who have small penis always feel uncomfortable, especially when they are in bed with a woman.

Measuring your penis

The size of a man penis does not make or break him, but at some point of time, all of you must have tried to measure them so as to check the length. The right way to measure your penis is by using measuring tape. Hold the tape to the tip of your penis, and pull the tape down to the base, where the penis meets the scrotum.

Most men think that their penis is small, where in fact it might be of average size. An average penis is six inches in length. It is most unlikely that everyone will be born with a penis of nine to eleven inches. Don't compare your manhood with others, as it will certainly let down your confidence. The fact is that, the penis will only increase one or two inches during erection.

Some men has large penis, and stretches during erection. Sometimes size only doesn't matter, you need to perform better on bed.

Satisfying your girl

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Most men are worried not only about the size of their penis, which they consider small but they are confident about satisfying their partner on bed. You will only have to worry if your penis is less than four inches in size. A women's vagina is about three inches, and so you will be able to reach to her g-spot easily and satisfy her.

Having long penis does not mean that you are certified to have an amazing sex. Most women will not be able to take in your whole penis, as their vagina might be small. Rather it can cause them with immense pain and thus they will be scared to get sexually involved with you. Most women do not care whether your penis is large or small, as long as you can satisfy their sexual needs.

Steps to follow

If you are still not comfortable with your penis, and want a longer one, then you should opt for the pills. There are various pills available in the market. These pills will not help in the growth of your penis, but will provide you with a longer and stronger erection.

You can also opt for some penis exercise, which is known as Jelqing. It is very popular, and some men claims that it has helped in the growth of their penis. However, you should remember that this exercise would take time to show results. Penis pump can also be used for the enlargement of your penis. Understand the right way to use it, as it can be extremely painful if you do not know how to use it.

Surgery on penis is not at all recommended. It is not only painful, but doesn't assure you of the result. Your aim is to satisfy your girl in bed and as long as you can do that, you do not require surgery.

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