Do You Make Comparison About Sex Performances?

Women are different from men in many aspects. They have different ways of expressing their emotions and love. They cry when they are happy and also when they are sad. Hence, understanding them is a bit difficult.

Trying new moves

When it comes to women, listen to her patiently and they will love you like there is no tomorrow, as it makes them feel loved and wanted. The same theory should be applied during sex. When you are with your woman be instinctive with her and see how much she enjoys sex.

Women enjoy new moves in bed, if you stick to that same old sex position, then it will not interest them, and they might keep away from you. While trying a new move make sure that you make your partner comfortable.

Habit of comparison

Women love comparing, whether it is sale or jewelry or bags available in the market. This habit does not end here, they also compare men, the size of his penis, the way he moves his body etc. Women have a hierarchy of men in their head. If she's been around the building block she will definitely retain information about the losers and one-night stands as well.

Sometimes, they also compare orgasms that you give her with sex toys, or the way she satisfies herself. Some women will tell you about this comparison openly. A few of them are compassionate and will tell you gently while some will not utter a word.

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It is possible that she is making the comparison without any intention, and her aim is definitely not to hurt you.

The Role of Emotional involvement

There are women, who become emotionally attached to you. These women will respond to you in bed based on the affection she has towards you. You might have met women, who do not like you in bed and believe that you will never be able to satisfy her expectations in bed.

However, a woman who truly adores you will not look at your flaws, but will accept you the way you are. If possible, she will help you to get better. When she is guiding you in bed, be sure that you remember it, and improve yourself.

Confidence is the key to success

You must remember that you will have to be confident while dealing with women. Be yourself and be confident in whatever you do. Pretence will not get you anywhere with a woman.

However, you should know that the comparisons made by women are not intentional. Here, you are dealing with a woman's perception, her preference and her expectation. In this comparison game, it definitely pays to be exceptional.

Most men wonder whether a woman can really judge them in the bed. The answer is positively yes. Women always love something different and new. The moment she understands that you are like the rest of them, she will rebuff. A woman cannot attend to any insignificant person, who comes in her way.

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