Different Ways Of Giving The Pleasure Of Multiple Orgasms To Your Girl

Sex is and will be an important part of our lives. This is one thing that you start when you are you are young, and continue until your old age. Sex is associated with the love that you have for your partner. During the act, you can show the love and affection that you have for your love. Giving your girl multiple orgasms is one such act of love, where you are thinking about her pleasure.

Knowing the pleasure spots

The first step for giving multiple orgasms to your partner is by knowing her body, especially the sensitive areas of her body. Try to understand about her physical strengths and limitations. Slowly stroking the outer region of her labia and at the same time, explore the gentle and soft region between the labia and the legs. Using your fingers, slowly move on to the region, which is above the clitoral. The movement of the fingers should flutter back and fro, or in a circular motion, and slowly built this up.

The next step is to insert the finger slowly inside her vagina, moving in and out. While in this act, use your thumb to gently rub the clitoris. The finger which is inserted inside her, should be done in the gesture of calling someone near you, this will bend the finger towards the front wall of the vagina, and will help in stimulating the g-spot.

Using the lips during sex

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Make sure that you use the lips to kiss her on her lips as well as the other parts of the body. This is one of the most effective ways, which will help you to make your girl obtain multiple orgasms. Explore the clitoris with your tongue, moving it in a circular motion, pushing the tongue in and out, and licking it in between. This will make your partner feel weak between the knees, and will built up the excitement.

Assuming the perfect position during penetration

There are various ways in which, you can satisfy your woman. One such way is the combination of the stimulation of clitoral and the g-spot. Using the stimulation of the g-spot with the figure, tongue or penis, whichever way is the best for both you and your partner.

During penetration, you can build up the excitement by pressing your thumb against the clitoral and flicking it from one side to another, while the base of the penis is touching the tip of the clitoral. Control the pace and the rhythm of your movement, and linger a bit during the penetration. This will make your partner crazy with excitement.

After having intercourse the first or the second time, do not allow your partner to calm down. Keep on touching her slowly, caressing her, and playing with her finger and in no time, she will be aroused again.

You need is proper practice, and using the correct techniques. It will take some time mastering it, but do not give up hope, be patient and with time you will be able to give your partner orgasms multiple time.

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