Develop Yourself Into Confident Lover

Confidence will get you anywhere in this world, especially, when it comes to impressing women. Most men feel that good looks are only required to get laid in bed, but this is not so. Women enjoy the company of men who are confident, not only in their daily life, but also in bed.

They do not like men to be uncertain about the moves they are making in bed. They desire someone who knows what he is doing, and give them awesome sexual experience. They will not enjoy if you are working on one position and suddenly change it to another. This can simply turn them off.

Gaining experience

When it comes to sex, there is no set rule that you can follow. No tips no advice will work at that moment, when you are ready to have sex. What will work are your instincts, and your spontaneity. This can only come from experience.

Having experience does not mean that you go on to have sex with multiple partners. It will turn off a girl, or make her run away from you, when she knows that you had multiple partners. You can choose to have just one partner throughout your life, and you can use a plethora of ideas to make your experience truly sensational.

One of the best aspects about women is that, if you try to improve yourself in bed and understand what she enjoys, and what turns her off, you will be surprised to see, how willingly she will help you to improve in bed, and gain confidence as a lover.

Cherish the moment with your partner

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During foreplay, be soft and slow. Enjoy the moment, feeling the warmth of her body, inhaling the intoxicating smell and feeling the softness. Play with her hair, kiss her softly, tracing her face with fingers. This will turn her on and she will not only enjoy herself, but will also make the sex memorable.

Let us take an example to make you understand it better, consider the room to be filled with water, and both you completely submerged into it and you are making love slowly. This is how slow you have to be with your woman.

There is not a single woman, who likes to rush into sex. This will irritate her, and she will not enjoy sex with you. However, you can make your moves faster, when both of you are aroused.

Handling situations

There might be times when your partner is not giving you the reactions that you expect. Do not let this spoil your mood or turn you off. A situation such as this will determine whether you are a great lover in bed or not.

This situation is one of the best ways, which will help you in developing as a confident lover. Make the most of this situation and enjoy yourself in this process of learning. You will get better with time, and will be able to handle such situations easily. Do not panic or take the pressure, whenever such situation arises.

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