Tips On Broaching The Topic Of Sex With Girlfriends

Gathering the courage to ask out on a date to the girl you like, itself is a tough job, so just think how would you feel talking about sex with her. Not all girls might feel comfortable talking about sex and you can easily offend her. In this article we will discuss on how to get her comfortable to talk about sex in your relationship.

Put your Forth Your Preference for Sex

Trust and honesty is a crucial factor when it comes to set a base for relationships. When it comes to discussing your sexual life, you might need to tell her what exactly you prefer in sex. You can discuss on the different positions you want to try out with her.

Make her feel comfortable so that she herself wants to talk about her likes and dislikes on sex. You both can browse through online resources and look for different sex games or foreplay methods that both of you agree on.

Sex toys are a great way to double the pleasures of sexual intercourse. You might come across many online stores that sell such stuff at economic rates. You can use such toys to stimulate her genitals and give her mind blowing pleasures.

Complimenting Your Girl at Every Step

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Every girl likes to get complimented by her guy. Compliments need to be genuine and not sound forced or cheesy. Encourage her to talk about her fantasies and oblige her when she wants to try it out with you. Bear in mind that she is sharing her innermost secret with you and one false comment or move from your side can discourage her.

In order to lighten the mood, you can easily crack jokes or get into some false bickering. It might help to make her feel at ease and she might open up to you a little more. Kissing and cuddling is a great way to get her into the mood of some hot and steamy sex.

It is always better to have a conversation post sex. This is a stage where both of you are sated and can open your minds fully to other topics. You can begin by telling her how you enjoyed this session with her. Ensure that you are lightly caressing her hair or other parts of her body so that she knows that you care for her.

Role Plays to Break the Ice with Her on Sex

Role play in your sexual relationship will be a splendid idea to break the ice with your partner. Both of you can pick out sensuous characters and try to seduce each other. It might turn out to be a fun filled activity leaving both of you feeling elated and thrilled.

There are lot of characters that you and your partner can choose from. Many women like the idea of dressing as sexy French maids, school girls, nurses and even cops. You can even purchase sexy lingerie or costumes for her in order to create a more realistic environment for your sexual activities.

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