Politely Telling Your Girl To Improve Her Sexual Skills

Not all of us are masters in bed. We may lack a few sexual skills and our partners might feel somewhat hesitant to point our flaws out afraid to hurt our feelings. If you plan on giving out some useful pointers to your girl, you might need to layout your base carefully since with one false comment you can say bye to sex with her forever.

How to Approach Her with the Subject

Bear in mind not to point out her flaws immediately. Many guys might think that applying the direct approach of being blunt with the topic might win them goody points. This is so not true. The best way to talk on the topic is while you are having sex with her. When aroused, she might be willing to try out your advice and give it her best shot.

Be her guide and not her dictator. Many women might not be comfortable to indulge in oral sex. Here is where you might have to motivate her and help her out by telling her what you would like her to do. In this way, she might get motivated to pleasure you and in turn might respect you for not bruising her ego.

Boosting Her Confidence to get Your Work Done

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Women are emotional beings and if they put their minds at a particular thing, you can be assured that they will get it done. One of the best ways to get her to improve upon her sexual skills without she knowing it is by boosting her confidence. If for instance, she is a good kisser, you can compliment on how her kisses get you turned on without her laying a single finger on you.

You can then tell her how it would be if she places that same sensuous mouth onto your penis and how she can go about heightening both your pleasures. You know that she is not good at oral sex, but instead of criticizing her on her lack of skills, you have in fact given her a chance to prove herself in that department too.

So, the next time she gives you a blow job, she will be apply the tips that you gave her and get better at the job. This trick generally works where you highlight on her positive points and then go about giving her solutions for the things she lacks in.

Watching Videos Together Can Also Help Improve Sexual Skills

Purchase some porn movies and sit together to watch them. While watching the movie, you come some scene that you would like your partner to try it out on you; you can communicate the same to her.

She might even replay that scene again and even try it out with you while watching it. Watching such movies is a great way to ensure that the sex never dies out in your relationship. You can get to learn new methods or techniques that can help to provide multiple orgasms to both you and your partner.

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