Penetrating The Right Way To Give Maximum Pleasure To Your Woman

Sexual intercourse needs to be done in such a way that both parties should benefit. It so happens sometimes, that due to our lack of knowledge of different methods and techniques related to sex, we often tend to partially or not at all satisfies our partners. This in turn can lead to less sexual intimacy and conflicts in relationships.

Go Deep and Give Maximum Orgasms to Women

Many women like to indulge in deep penetration, where the penis is hilted up deep into her vagina. This helps in stimulating the vaginal walls and leads to mind blowing orgasms in women. Foreplay in and around her vagina can bring her to the brink of orgasm leaving her craving for more. Men need to be careful on how to go about achieving this feat.

Position your penis at her entrance and play with her vulva by rubbing against it. At the same time, you can even insert your finger to stimulate her clitoris so that it can help her to reach her climax. Patience plays a very vital role her. Be a gentleman and allow her to reach her orgasm first, no matter how difficult it is for you to hold on. Bear in mind the end results will be god for your relationship.

If this is your first sexual relationship with your partner, then you might want to take things slowly so as to build up on the momentum. Begin with foreplay by touching her erotic zones and pleasuring her thoroughly.

Best Ways for Deeper Penetration

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Small penis is a major concern for most men since they might feel that they might not be able to satisfy their partners. This is so not the case. There are many penetrating positions that might come in handy to men suffering from small penis issues.

Couples can try the rear entry position where the woman needs to be on all fours and the man enters the partner from behind. Here the woman needs to close her legs and the man needs to spread his legs wide apart. The woman needs to angle her behind fully into the air, resting her head and shoulders onto the mattress.

Another good position is to have the women lie down and bend her knees to her ears. The man can then penetrate deeply since her opening will be tight and he might even be able to hit her g – spot. Couples can even try out the V- shape position where the man holds and spreads her legs apart in the air forming a V by holding her ankles when she is lying down.

Communication and Gentle Touches

The best way to enjoy sexual intercourse by deeper penetration is by having a lot of communication amongst your partner. You can mutter some sexy words into your partner's ears in order to build up on the sexual intimacy. While entering your partner, ensure that you maintain an eye contact with her.

Let her know what you are experience both physically as well as emotionally since this is an intimate moment in your relationship where you are literally rocking her world with your gentle thrusts into her vagina.

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