Improving Your Sexual Performance By Thrusting Correctly

A happier and healthy relationship is balance between good sex, honesty and trust amongst partners. The more you improve in your ability to bring your partner to orgasm, the likely the chances are to build a strong and successful relationship in the future. In this article we will discuss on how men can help women achieve mind blowing orgasms by thrusting properly.

Setting you Speed for Thrusting

How you time yourself is a crucial element that either can make or break your intimacy during sexual intercourse. Many women might like hard and fast sex, but if you ejaculate before her, then it might become an embarrassing moment for you. Learn to set a pace for yourself. Concentrate on pleasuring her rather than finishing off the job.

Try different types of strokes that can allow you deeper penetration. You can go in for the tailbone swing that involves deep pelvic contractions that can be caused when your tailbone comes together. This position allows maximum flexibility and helps women achieve better orgasms. Similarly, instead of thrusting in and out of her, you can grind your hips in a clockwise or anti clock wise direction so that you get better access to her G – spot.

Different Sex Positions

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There are a lot of possibilities to explore and some methods and tips might come in handy while having sex with your partner. You can add different angles of thrust while you enter your partner. Common positions like the women on top or entering from behind position can help women achieve better orgasms since it helps to stimulate their vaginal walls.

If you run out of ideas, you can visit different blogs and forums to get a brief idea on different positions and how to try them out with your partners. You can also involve your partner and understand what position she likes and which angle of thrust helps her achieve orgasm.

Benefits of Deeper Penetration through Thrusts

Trying out different thrust positions allows you and your partner to experience different sensations. This in turns prolongs your ejaculation and helps you both to explore each others' body in detail. Indulge in a bit of foreplay and do not enter her fully. Thrust enough, so that your penis head is half inside her vagina and then pull out.

This action will completely drive your partner out of her mind. She will be moaning and craving for you to complete the task. Secondly if you suffer from premature ejaculations, trying out different thrust positions can help to strengthen your pelvic muscles so that you can control your ejaculations better. If you both are adventurous and want to add a bit of spice to your sex life, then you can even purchase different sex toys to build up on your orgasms.

Bear in mind to not only concentrate on bringing her to orgasm with your thrusting, but also ensure that you constantly fondle her, kiss and caress her. Make sure she is fully aroused so that when you enter her, she might be able to take you in till the hilt. If not, then she might experience discomfort or pain that can spoil the mood for her.

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