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So this is world of penis enlargement patches. We present reviews of different patches available for penis enlargement. We know that you are here because you must have one like millions who are embarrassed with small penis size.

Quite natural, women experience enhanced pleasure with bigger penis size and fortunately you are here to check out if there is any answer to your problem so you can cheer your woman. The best solution for penis enlargement is to give you 3 inches longer and bigger penis.

Why a penis enlargement patches review site?

May we correct you one thing? This is not the only site, in fact ours is one among so many websites that presents reviews on different penis enlargement patches. But we will keep you honestly informed of different patches and how they work.

We are tired of the sites that instead of enlightening the visitors give false claims and guarantees about poor and rip off patches.

With this site, you don't have to worry because we are as curious to learn about a patch and keep you informed of it and so you are not wasting on stupid products that are made to make the manufacturers rich and worthless for users.

Penis enlargement patches? Do they at all work? Indeed yes, they are medicated patches that work through transdermal approach so you don't have to pop the pills and don't have to worry if you happen to miss out popping one. However, every patch will not be giving you guaranteed enlargement.

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Henceforth there is a need like this site which would present honest unbiased reviews about different patches available in the market so your money is saved and you buy the worthy stuff.

We always present honest un-opinionated reviews of the various penis enlargement patches available in the market. Because there is increased number of products with every day and they are made not equally.

Don't be surprised, but yes very few patches really work to give you the dream-come-true results. All we can do is suggest you to check out the FAQs of penis enlargement in our site and read the reviews of different patches.

We are not:

A website to dupe you and cheat you with fabricated information. Because unlike so many other sites on the Internet (we hate to call them competitors they do not deserve), which are paid by companies to write positive notes about their products, we are not agents of companies and we don't get commission to write reviews.

We present reviews and indeed do not recommend any one brand; we leave the discretion to you, our most learned visitors. We can't imagine creating stories of 50+ user case studies and we are not there to influence you of a particular penis enlargement patch.

We will never want to make you believe what is not there. We are neither so rich to try different patches on 50+ users nor we write imaginary stories. We promise that we are not here to give fabricated and tampered reviews of different patches.

Still, you may keep trust on us, because we do our diligence. We still associate with penis enlargement patch companies. Then, penis enlargement patches of different companies are reviewed on our site and some companies give us permission to do email surveying so we present with user reviews as well.

We also study the customer support of the different patch brands and present them on our site.  So, here, this is a site to look only for information not recommendations. Because if you are informed, we believe you can take a wise decision that can change your sex life forever. Our good wishes are with you.

Choosing which method suits you best:

When you have to make your mind up on which penis enlargement route will suit you best, you should look at your personal circumstances. These include the amount of money and time you are willing to invest, how much determination you have to keep to the program, and what positive outcome you can expect in return for the amount of risk you are taking if you are considering a medical procedure. We have included a chart depicting the most notable penis enlargement options. This will make it easier to make up your mind easier because it offers a short summary of which types belongs to which option, how each option functions, and the possible positive and negative outcomes of each option.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Jelqing, Kegels, Compression, & Stretching Exercise results in microscopic tears due to stress. Nutrients in the blood stream are pressed into the penis via these tears, and this stimulates cellular expansion. High success rate, no devices necessary; spin-offs include enhanced sexual well-being in the form of staying power. No charge. Requires time investment and total dedication. No instantly visible success, thus commitment may fade.
Enlargement Devices Extenders, Weights & Pumps The apparatus creates stress on the penis and/or pushes blood rich in nutrients into penis to enable new cellular expansion. Really successful. The cost of the device may actually inspire you to keep to the routine, May be quite costly, demands time and dedication.
Penis Enlargement Pills/Lotions Variety of time-tested herbs Improved blood circulation, forcing more nutrients into the penis which facilitates growth. Successful when combined with exercises or device, improves blood flow into penis, some may include advantageous spin-offs (apart from enlargement) like increased firmness of erections. Inadequate when used for enlargement on its own.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Ligament Severing, Fat Injection, Matrix Wrap, & Glanular Enhancement The sinew is parted from the shaft, which causes the inner part of the penis to move to the front. Fat is injected and a matrix wrap is placed on the shaft for more width. Instant effect. Extremely costly, erection angle may be influenced; severe consequences may include erectile dysfunction, an impaired sinew, reduced penis length, or inflammation.

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